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Hello World!

Today I am officially launching a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to earn a Master of Arts in Creative Process through Uversity in Ireland. 

My initial goal that I hope to reach by August 20th is $2,300 - this amount will cover the first month of living. My goal to raise throughout the year is $18,000.

You can read about the program and what it means to me here:

To view my work, please visit

If you feel that you are able to contribute any amount right now, even $5, that would be wonderful and I would be eternally grateful to you. There are lots of prizes offered for your generosity! If you can’t right now, I completely understand. I would appreciate it so much if you could share this campaign with people in your circles at your earliest convenience. 


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Guys, this is season ONE of the Simpsons.

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Beachfront Libraries are the Best Idea…Ever.


Via Huffington Post Books:

"Beachfront libraries are an ingenious addition to shorelines around the world. Forget your book? Go grab a replacement. Finished your latest read? No worries, many choices await you."

HELL yes

Lake Hillier, Australia

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